By golfers - For golfers

WHAT BUNKERS vision is to create products with funtionality normally found in sports apparel, but in designs suitable for both the golfcourse – and for the office and casual events.

WHAT BUNKERS is intended to stand out in an industry filled with big brands offering very similar stuff. Forget fashion and color of the year. You´ll´just end up wearing what everyone else is wearing.

WHAT BUNKERS is sold directly to the user, which enables us to sell high quality items, with many details at a very competitive price.

The story behind the name

The name came about quite easily! It is inspired by an interview with a legend of the game, who after a superb round on moving day was asked:

“What did you think about those pot bunkers out there today?”.
The answer was a cool and collected: “What bunkers?”.

We use the name as a reminder, that it is all about keeping Your eye on the target , and seeing opportunities instead of obstacles – both on and off the course.

Design and function

Function, comfort and quality are absolouly key in our design process. The noble game of golf is in our choice of material, seems, shape and details.  On this foundation we seek to make products that can be worn on and off the course.

The breathability found in all our garments is a welcome benefit in almost all circumstances! 

Our products will stay the same color and shape regardless of exposure to ample sunlight, endless rounds of golf and machine washes.

At WHAT BUNKERS we have both elegant and cheeky golf attire, and a little in between. No matter whether noisy or subtle, You are sure to turn a few heads.